Rising Tides, Rising Hopes: Mangrove Restoration in Ghana's Anlo Wetlands


Hear the compelling story of a coastal community's mission to restore 10,000 hectares of mangrove forest in Ghana's Anlo Wetlands and bring blue carbon income to its residents.


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A New Blue Carbon Opportunity Opens

In the heart of Ghana's biodiverse Keta Lagoon region, economic and environmental challenges have severely degraded the once-expansive mangrove forest. For the local community, the impact of this ecosystem damage is far-reaching: seawater intrusion, plastic pollution, and coastal flooding have depleted the fisheries that they depend on for food security and livelihoods.

Yet the Regenerative Development of the Anlo Wetlands (ReDAW) project stands as a beacon of hope. Through the partnership of Seawater Solutions and Terraformation, the resilient communities of the Anlo Wetlands are on a mission to reclaim their mangroves — one of nature’s most powerful carbon sinks — and revive marine biodiversity.

Join us during this on-demand webinar as we uncover their inspiring journey towards sustainable restoration and economic empowerment for their communities for generations to come.


This webinar will highlight


1. ReDAW's unique restoration approach

Delve into the strategies that are revolutionizing mangrove conservation efforts in Ghana's coastal ecosystems.  

2. How Terraformation supports ReDAW

Learn about how Terraformation is amplifying the impact of the ReDAW project through financial resources, tree nurseries and trainings. 

3. ReDAW's transformative progress

See the promising project milestones that are ahead, including insights into the carbon sequestration trajectory that can be unlocked with additional funding.


ReDAW Project Highlights


2 million tonnes of CO2 stored

Over ReDAW's 40-year timeframe, it will sequester nearly 2 million tonnes of CO2 via native mangroves.


Great Blue Wall Challenge winner

This blue carbon project is a winner of the Great Blue Wall Challenge, part of Africa's Great Blue Wall Initiative.

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Chief Operating Officer
Seawater Solutions

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Sr. Forestry Partnerships Lead for Africa

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Climate Impact Advisor